Maharashtra - Advantages for Biotech

  • Richest Indian State
  • Contributes 20% of Industrial output
  • According to the recent Surveys, Maharashtra is considered to be the Most Preferred Destination by the foreign investors
  • Financial and Commercial Capital of India
  • Strength in Research & Development sector
    • Rich Human Capital base – low cost / highly skilled manpower
    • Sophisticated work force and ethical work culture
    • Accounts for 30% of India’s patents
  • State of the art Educational Facilities

Advantage IBPL

  • Total investment - Rs. 375 crores
  • Annual exports from units in IBPL - Rs. 200 crores
  • Total number of employees in the park - 1300
  • Part of “No power cut Zone - Dedicated MIDC electricity substation”
  • 40 m wide primary road and 25m wide secondary road.
  • Packaged Effluent Treatment plant
  • Provision for safe disposal of hazardous wastes.
  • Abundant water available
  • Amenities like hotels, residential apartments, retail, etc.
  • Ample Parking provision to accommodate, Buses, Cars and two wheelers.
  • All network services providers built in
  • Environmental clearance for Biotech and related activities.
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